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Toot your own horn
Toot Your
Own Horn

By Larry Galler
© 2018, Larry Galler, All Rights Reserved

Whether you get your news online, through broadcast, or in print, I'm sure you have seen articles about various companies, products, or people — the latest technology widget, a TV or movie star and what they think about something, a better mousetrap, or a new service; how a company handled a challenge, a new office opening, or some other newsworthy event.

Did you wonder how that information got to you?

While you are pondering that question, realize that very often the same story appears in multiple outlets at the same time... and it isn't a coincidence. It's much the same with a single celebrity story being published in multiple supermarket tabloids.

I can almost guarantee you that a hard-working journalist wasn't out beating the bushes while looking for an interesting story to write. Be assured, it didn't happen by chance. Getting news out about a person, a company, or a public product is both a science and an art form.

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