Feature Article:

Use Traditional Advertising Methods
To Get Visitors To Your Web Site

By Jay Lindsay

Some say "you can't make money on the Internet unless you get thousands upon thousands to visit your site." And certainly "you can't use traditional advertising methods to get visitors to your web site," so they say.

I find that these self-appointed gurus are, in my opinion, peddling mis-information in a big way and frankly I can see right through them since I know what they are really selling.

Yep, they are all pushing S-E-O software or services and if you'll keep your eyes open you too will be able to see the truth. S-E-O, in case you don't know, stands for "Search Engine Optimization."

Here's the real skinny:

(1) Yes, you want people to visit your site, but not just anybody. You want people who have at least a passing interest in what you are selling. No need to attract a bunch of lumber jacks if you are selling wedding dresses to soon to be brides, got it?

(2) And this "you can't use traditional advertising methods to get visitors to your web site" is bunk. This junk advice is promoted by those wanting you to buy their overpriced Internet advertising plans. I use magazine advertising — that is traditional — and we can easily tell when the ads hit the street as we experience a big jump in site visits.

(3) Yes, certain S-E-O methods can bring you additional traffic and is worth putting a few dollars into. I wouldn't however spend every waking moment trying to get a number one listing or pay someone else a bundle to do the same.

I've even seen ads that guarantees you a top position in just a few weeks. Using the same keywords, common sense will tell you that everyone cannot be in the top positions.

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